Serenity First Hospice

Debbie’s newest business, Serenity First Hospice, is inspired by her personal hospice journey with her father, Pappy. Serenity First provides expert and innovative hospice care in the heart of Richmond, VA, and is rapidly growing since its start in February of 2021.

When Debbie’s father became ill and qualified for hospice care, Debbie had to make a choice that is never easy. Debbie tried for months to access a hospital bed, medications, walker, and everything her father needed for his care, with no avail. Pappy became overwhelmed running from one doctor’s appointment to the next, juggling different treatments, medications, and specialists, and eventually told Debbie, “I can’t do this anymore.” That very day Debbie referred her father to hospice, and not only did his level of comfort and care improve immediately, but his family received the support and peace of mind that they desperately needed.  What a relief for hospice to arrive the same day Debbie called, with the bed, medications, and everything her father had needed for so long. Suddenly, and with one simple phone call to hospice, Pappy’s quality of life improved tenfold.

Much to Debbie’s surprise, her father’s health improved so significantly while in hospice care that he eventually became a “hospice graduate” — a term to describe patients who, during hospice care, improve to the extent that they no longer need hospice. Debbie wants all families to know that the sooner they make the decision to refer a loved one to hospice care, the sooner their quality of life can improve dramatically. Debbie learned the power of hospice while witnessing the wonderful care of her father, and not long after, Serenity First came to fruition.

Serenity First Hospice, prioritizes the legacy and comfort of each patient in their care. They treat the whole patient, as well as their family and support system. Serenity First provides innovative services such as Telehealth, music therapy, legacy parties, pet therapy, spiritual guidance, massage therapy and more. 

Serenity First Hospice was created from the heart by Debbie and her team of caring staff. “Serenity” defined, is the state of being calm, peaceful, and untroubled. That’s what we provide for all our patients. The symbol of a butterfly is at the center of Serenity’s mission, representing colors, joy, and change, as well as a sign of resurrection and the miracle of transformation. Most important of all, and at the center of all they do at Serenity First, is the life and legacy of each individual in their care.