The Hospice Handbook

Johnston_TheHospiceHandbook_Cover-1-768x1024With The Hospice Handbook: Nurse Debbie’s Compassionate Guide to Navigating End-of-Life Care, Debbie Johnston empowers patients, families, and other caregivers with the tools they need to navigate the complicated world of hospice care. She wrote his handbook from the heart in hopes of improving the quality of life of all hospice patients. Employing her trademark love, compassion, and folksy humor, which comes from her own dear father, Pappy, who inspired her to open Serenity First, Debbie provides invaluable advice and crucial facts about the many facets of hospice, including interviews with vital members of the hospice care team. Through this thoughtful guide, Debbie hopes you’ll discover that the challenging road you’re walking can not only be faced with confidence and comfort, but also filled with many meaningful opportunities to celebrate life and love to the very end.

The School of Heart Knocks

The School of Heart Knocks by Deborah J. Johnston, RN and former CEO of Care Advantage, takes you through her incredible journey from humble start, to a career as a Registered Nurse, and then onto the entrepreneurship of a multi-million-dollar compassionate care company. On this journey, Debbie not only shares her insight of how to start and built a thriving business, but also all the life experiences that provided her guidance and strength along the way. She reveals the 10 key steps of success that will guide through your own journey of prosperity.