Ask Nurse Debbie

13528185_1134574753266280_3195958767075162534_oDebbie’s newest business, Ask Nurse Debbie, is Central Virginia’s premier healthcare navigation service. Debbie’s experience as a registered nurse and 25 years as the founder and former CEO of Care Advantage,  taught her all the twists and turns of navigating through the healthcare system.

44967121_478655112644175_6695495406169620480_nThe experts at Ask Nurse Debbie are here to utilize their skills and experience to take the stress and worry out of navigating the healthcare journey for you and your loved ones. Their navigators are leaders in healthcare and have come together to offer you support, because you don’t have to do it alone. A few services Ask Nurse Debbie offers are clinical advice, diagnosis and treatment research, concierge patient advocacy, and integrative medicine. They take a holistic approach to your healthcare and can support appointment transportation and scheduling, and can also assist with time consuming insurance claims, on-call family communication, personalized care, residency consultations and spiritual care and council. Their primary goal is to care for and guide you to well-being. With Ask Nurse Debbie’s side by side approach, it’s easy to overcome the obstacles encountered in dealing with intricate healthcare systems.

45198429_479477502561936_7634501305775423488_nAsk Nurse Debbie is here, whether you need support, clinical advice, or someone to ensure your loved one is receiving the highest quality of care, in your home, or just a phone call away. See what they have to offer at or call 1-804-205-3268 today.